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R&R is the Temecula KING of tankless water heaters. We beat all vendors with the low pricing on tankless water heaters. We service and install instant hot water heaters all over the Temecula Valley. Our service area includes Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Winchester, Lake Elsinore, and Fallbrook. When your tankless water heater is broken and needs repairs, call us from 6 am to 9 pm. We can install new tankless water heaters on the same day. We will get your tankless water heater installed at the best price. R&R has a no-hassle guarantee. Make sure you read our 500+ 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp. Hear how other Tankless Water Heater Repair customers liked our service.

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20% of your home’s energy expenditures come from heating hot water. Since a tankless water heater typically saves the household around 40%, this is a HUGE saving.

There are many models. When selecting the perfect tankless water heater, first determine the following:

Determine flow rate: Determine how many faucets and showers that you want to run at the same time. Then add up the flow rate (gallons per minute) of these sources. To do that, you can put buckets or other containers under the faucet or shower. It allows you to measure how much water comes out per minute. Add these amounts together, and you have the flow rate that you want your tankless water heater to handle. As an example, if you want two showers to run at the same time and they use 2.6 gallons per minute. Your desired flow rate is 5.2 gallons a minute.

Determine temperature rise. You need to subtract the water temperature entering your house from the desired temperature. Since water typically comes into a house at 55 degrees, we subtract that from the desired heat of 105–115°. Let’s use 110 in this example. In this case the desired temperature rise is 55 degrees.

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Smaller Size

Tankless water heaters are quite small in size. They taking up far less space than conventional tank type water heaters as they don’t have a tank.

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Save Money

Since tankless water heaters only run when you need hot water. Therefore they offer energy cost savings. They are considered green devices. They have around $300 of tax credits from the government. Of the three styles of water heaters, tankless last the longest — often as long as 20 years. People feel that the energy savings and longevity makeup for the installation cost.

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Cleaner Water

Tankless water heaters provide cleaner water. You avoid using water that has been stored in a tank that will over time accumulated more and more rust and scale. Most newer models offer protection from scalding water reaching your faucet.


Woke up this morning to a semi- flooded garage. The water heater decided to go out in the middle of having all of my family over for vacation. I read a few reviews and decided to call R&R Plumbing. I called at 6:40am and was greeted with a friendly voice.  By 8:15, they were in my driveway. A brand new water heater was completely installed before 10am. I seriously thought it was going to be a long day. Thanks to R&R Plumbing we are back to enjoying our day. The prices were great. The service was great. The overall experience was awesome. Thanks!!

water heater installationJack, homeowner

My water heater broke on Friday night just right before Memorial Holiday weekend. I knew it would be hard to get it replaced right away, but since I have 3 young kids and wife with arthritis I got to have it done. Called multiple companies and R&R gave me the best quote, but unfortunately their schedule have booked for the weekend so I might have to wait until Tuesday. The next morning I emailed the owner, Ryan about the situation; only a couple minute after I pressed the send button he called me right away and reassured me that he will get me covered even if he had to squeeze me in the schedule and recalling an employee that was supposedly scheduled to be off this weekend just to help. Few hours later Ryan (the technician) show up at my door; installed the 75 gallons Bradford-White water heater and made sure everything works properly.

Thank you Ryan (owner) and Ryan (technician). Not only your quote is the best, your work and your caring is extraordinary. Thank you again.

LucusLucus, homeowner

If I could give this place more stars, I would. From the initial communication, to the on-site service, I can’t be more satisfied.

I had my water heater serviced by R&R and to make a long story short (Because nobody got time for that!) I had a hard time getting the correct part (thermocouple assembly) for my Rheem water heater through Rheem’s warranty replacement. During my back and forth with Rheem’s warranty service, R&R made multiple visits to my house and didn’t charge me extra for each visit. They kept coming back until I got my water heater up and running.

Shout out to Dan and the owner Ryan! Honest and great service. Can’t ask for more!

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